Reading a Blog but don’t have your Own? 5 Tips for Starting a Blog


By Lauren Fattlar

Edited by Katy Randolph

Everyone can be a writer!  That’s right!  It is now simple to publish your thoughts on the internet through the use of blogging.  There are several websites such as WordPress and Wix where you can create your own blog for free!  However, since everyone can now write and publish a blog, how do you make yours stand out?  Also, how do you know what you should write about?  Here are some tips to help perfect your blogging and make it something people want to read:

  1. blogdogWrite something you are passionate about! This may sound simple or like “common” sense, but picking a theme that you are interested in will make the content not only more fun to write but more interesting for the readers to read.  This will also help you to create “your voice.”
  2. Share your content! With the increase of social media, it has become super easy to share content. Share your blog posts on your Twitter and/or Facebook to “get the word out” about your blog.  More people will find your blog through shares on social media then they will by searching for blogs on the internet.  Bring your content to the readers, rather than making the readers find your blog.
  3. Read other blogs! There is nothing wrong with getting inspiration from other blogs.  This can help get your “creative juices” flowinblogmicg and help you figure out what to write about next.  Maybe there’s a format you want to emulate or a blog post you want to respond to.
  4. Write consistently! Just because you created a blog doesn’t mean you’re done.  Don’t forget about it!  Try to write in a consistent manner.  Posting weekly is a good start.  This way your readers will not forget about your blog.
  5. Be you! Blogging is meant to be fun.  As you’re writing, remember to be you! Again, People are going to read your post for your voice!  The best way to find it is to be yourself!