Say “Yes” to Grad School

By Lauren Fattlar

Edited by Katy Randolph

When I was completing my undergraduate degree at small liberal arts college, I always planned that after I graduated I would find a job.  It wasn’t until my senior year of college that my professors started encouraging me to apply for graduate school.  For the first part of the year, I was indecisive about applying or if I should just stick to the plan.  One professor helped me decide.  She told me that if applied and got in I could always decide it’s not for me and just go find a job.  I took her advice, and applied to three different schools in Ohio, and kept an open mind about the results.  I was uncertain if I would get accepted into graduate school, let alone also have an assistantship (which I strongly wanted).  However, during spring semester I was accepted to all three of the schools I applied to.

Now, I really had to make a decision.

I knew that if I went anywhere I wanted to attend University of Cincinnati. One, because my brother lives here and I stayed close to home (Cleveland) during my undergraduate. Cincinnati was far, but not too far, from home. Two, because the University of Cincinnati also had strong Health Communication program, which was of strong interest to me.  But, I still didn’t know if I could do/handle grad school.  I remember having several conversations with my Father about what I should do.  He told me he decided to go to grad school because he wasn’t sick of school yet. He enjoyed learning.  It was in this moment that I realized I truly enjoyed school too, and doing the work — for the most part.  I knew that this opportunity may never happen again so, just days before the deadline, I sent in my acceptance letter.grad-die

Two years ago, I would have laughed if you told me that I was going to graduate school. Now, I’m in my second year in the program.  My dad was right, I wasn’t done with school and the amount I have learned at UC is incredible.  Being open to new possibilities and taking a risk was definitely worth it.  If people around you are encouraging you to apply to graduate school, or whatever else, do it. It could be one of the best decisions you have made.