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For my first project with UCommunicate, I was assigned to work with UC’s School of Information Technology (SoIT). We were hired to consult on a marketing plan for the school to address one of the priorities of their strategic plan, to “increase awareness of the information technology discipline.”

The School of Information Technology has developed a program in which their students can grow as information technology professionals. They have enlisted well-trained scholars and professionals to teach their students. They have made the co-op experience mandatory for their students, so they can valuable work experience while they are in school. They are expanding their major and program past their bachelor degrees and 4+1 programs to also include a Information Technology master’s program that will begin this fall. The School of Information Technology had an incredible, well-rounded program and needed a marketing strategy that spoke to that.

After extensive interviews and research, the school’s visual identity was created around the idea of experience. During interviews and discussions with stakeholders in the program, the idea of experience would come up often. They talked of the classroom experience, their experiences in the co-op world, and their experiences with others in the program. It seemed to be the defining characteristic. Thus the idea behind Experience Plus was to define the bigger picture that the program is more than just an educational experience, but it provides experience on multiple levels: educational, job, personal growth and connections, and professional networking experience.

Together with our clients, we decided on three words that would solidify the identity of the program. Students talked about how the program prepares them for the professional world as it is all about adapting to new innovations in technology, so we added the three words of collaborate, innovate, and apply to encompass the entire message. The idea we hope our messaging will convey is that this program will teach students to collaborate with members of the professional world and to innovate with changing technology in order to apply their skills in the work place. They can only do this through the Experience Plus that SoIT provides.

For our marketing strategy, we decided on two platforms that we are currently launching for the school. The Meet IT Campaign is primarily a video campaign that will introduce the School of Information Technology through the voices of their students, faculty and staff. The second platform for SoIT’s marketing strategy is social media. We have created platforms on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

This project is ongoing and we are in phase two of the project, which involves launching the Meet IT Campaign, social media, and debuting the school’s visual and linguistic identity. I look forward to continuing work on this project as the semester continues. Our final product should be ready in April for the School of Information Technology’s big event, the IT Expo.





Sam Molony

UCommunicate Consultant

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