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Imagine meeting with the company who won “Greater Cincinnati’s Best Places to Work” five years in a row. Now imagine meeting with the company that won Inc. 5000’s “America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies” twice. What if you could meet with both? What if they were the same company?

On Sept. 15, UCommunicate spoke with UC alumni, Logan Sand and Corin Burke, of Bridge Logistics. They gave us the scoop on what they look for in co-op students and new hires. As a logistics company located in West Chester, Ohio, they’re heavy in sales and figuring out the best how-to for productivity and moving product.

Their vision: To build genuine relationships and grow together.

Their mission: Inspire a culture that nurtures and respects our customers, carriers and team members.

Credit: Abby Shoyat

But how can you make logistics feel personal and relational? Bridge Logistics cares about their 60 or so employees. Each employee is hand selected to not only benefit the team, but the individual. Burke explained that what she looks for in a future co-op is someone who has an idea of what they want and when they want it to happen. When it comes to college, schedules change and plans are tentative. As a recent graduate, she knows exactly what the students are going through. She said what’s most important to her is someone who is ready to make a decision, but isn’t afraid to ask questions.

Sand said that one of the big appeals of Bridge Logistics is their ‘work hard, play hard’ environment. From cornhole tournaments in the office, to making a hard sale to a big company, they do it all.

He also gave UCommunicate members some tips on how to cold call. Cold calling, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is “a telephone call soliciting business made to a potential customer without prior contact or without a lead.”

Bridge Logistics provides a transportation service for companies’ products. Finding the customer requires cold calling, which is not an easy feat. Sand suggests that the No. 1 thing to do is know where you are in the process with a customer when following up. He says you must know your customer, what they want and where you’re both going next. He suggests that actual communication is much more important than the call itself. It’s all about investing in the relationship.

Credit: Abby Shoyat 

He also gave a few pointers for applying for jobs. Transparency is important. Burke and Sand both appreciate honesty and straight-forward conversation when they speak with potential future employees.

As UC graduates, they knew which questions to answer before being asked. They emphasized the importance of a productive and positive work environment, and also gave UCommunicate great tips on what it means to be a good applicant and employee.

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Carson Hoover
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