Tackling the Transition to Adulthood in 3 Easy Steps

As graduation approaches, seniors are scrambling to nail that full-time job that not only pays their rent, but also student loans. If you’re one of those people, here are three steps to help you ease that worry.

1. LinkedIn is a helpful tool, and it doesn’t have to take up too much of your time.
• Keep a professional photo
• Know who you’re connecting with (Where did I meet him again?)
• Be sure your summary is the best it can be – it’s the first thing everyone looks at, and if it’s not awesome then it’s the last thing they look at, too.

2. All the websites that seem daunting really aren’t. At all.
• Monster.com – search for your dream job with their easy-to-use app.
• LinkedIn (again) is your friend – the Easy Apply button will save your life. You can apply for 30 jobs all during one episode of that Catfish marathon.
• Indeed.com – They keep you updated with new jobs that apply to your previous searches, and even recommend the perfect job for you.

3. Network, network, network.
• If you haven’t already, work on building relationships with professors and track down old friends that have already ventured out into the world.
• Don’t be ashamed to use UC’s Career Coaching. If you’re not a UC student, odds are there’s something similar at your school, too. These programs help with everything from resume building, LinkedIn profile help, interview tactics, and finding jobs.

We know this time of the year can be stressful, and it only makes it worse when you don’t know exactly where you’ll be this time next month. But, with a little help and a lot of perseverance, you’ll land a job that’s perfect for you.

Authour: Carson Hoover, (soon to be adult), Undergraduate Consultant

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