How Social Media is Changing the Game For Marketing and Advertising

With social media permeating all level of businesses and brands, there are some exciting trends in the marketing and advertising space. The fast-paced landscape of digital media is changing the traditional techniques marketers once found effective. Marketing is now a two-way street  Prior to the ample number of social media outlets, marketers were extremely limited in the way in which […]

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Advertising Tips and Tricks

Online marketing

Advertising is a great way to get the word out about your business, an event, or anything you would like. Through the University of Cincinnati, advertising with The News Record not only will get the word out to faculty and students, but will also help benefit the student-run organization. In addition to the weekly print tabloid, The News Record launched […]

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Why Are Free Apps Free?

You may wonder why Facebook, Google and Twitter let us use their platforms for free. Are they so generous that they produce mobile applications for the society? What an altruistic act! The answer is in the contract that we quickly agree with before we use their free services called “terms of use.” Basically, we agreed that some of our information […]

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