Tech Spotlight: Connecting with Audiences via GIFs

  We are constantly surrounded by and connected to many, different devices. These devices allow us to access thousands of apps dedicated to social media, news, fitness, games, and almost every other conceivable need or whim. These apps are often excellent ways to connect with others whether they are one street over or across the globe. Connection is constantly at […]

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Spring Clean Your Marketing Strategy

Monday marked the beginning of baseball season here in Cincinnati, which means spring is officially here. And while the Reds are hitting the ball out of the park this season; we want your business to be doing the same. Spring is the season of renewal and rebirth.  It is the perfect time to rethink and reevaluate your marketing and public […]

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Professional Development for the Millennial

For many millennials, the professional world is a scary place, especially for those looking to fit into their new job after spending the last several years rolling out of bed to run off to class without even checking the mirror. Lucky for us, there are many opportunities available to guide us on our journey through professional development. The professional world […]

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