UCommunicate Snapchat Takeover

The University of Cincinnati allows student organizations to “takeover” the UC Snapchat for a day to show students what they do. Whether the groups are recruiting, promoting an event, fundraising or trying to raise awareness about their organization, they can utilize the UC Snapchat and its viewers to their advantage. On Oct. 15, UCommunicate took over UC’s Snapchat to promote […]

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Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Business

If you run a business, you most likely already have a social presence on Twitter, Instagram and maybe even SnapChat. Social media is a great way to promote and engage with your followers. An important social media platform that businesses are forgetting about is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is all about connections, which is exactly what you want. LinkedIn is an important […]

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Tips for Buying A DSLR Camera

As you know, the quality of your photographs can vastly improve with the use of a digital or DSLR camera. Despite the advancement of smartphone cameras, they still pale in comparison to the abilities of digital cameras. Although cameras can be expensive, if you are pursuing photography as a career, then you should seriously consider investing a decent amount of […]

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