Stand Out With Study Abroad

If you’re anything like me, the anxiety of finding the perfect job after you graduate constantly plagues your mind. You may be asking yourself questions like, “How can I standout to employers immediately after graduation if I have little to no experience?” or “How can I gain valuable experience while I’m still in college?” Fret not! There are plenty of ways to diversify your […]

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5 reasons to hire an applicant who studied abroad

UC students study abroad

Trying to pick the right applicant for a job in your organization can be a very difficult decision. College students these days will do just about anything to supplement their degrees including working, studying, participating in extra-curricular activities, volunteering, and more. All of that experience is impressive and can bring many benefits to an organization, but there’s one achievement that […]

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Benefits of Study Abroad from a Communication Perspective

UC Department of Communication students in Ireland

Studying abroad in college is becoming an increasingly more common experience. According to the Institute of International Education, in the 2012/2013 school year 289,408 students studied abroad. This number is steadily increasing each year as much as two percent. There are many benefits to studying abroad in a foreign country from learning a new language to learning more about yourself. […]

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