UCommunicate Client Spotlight: UC’s Instructional Design and Technology Certificate Gets Upgrade to Master’s Degree Status

Any good manager knows that the success of the job is tied to taking care of the team. UCommunicate knows this and practices this, not only with its own team, but also with its University of Cincinnati (UC) family as a whole.  It is in this spirit that UCommunicate never hesitates to lend its services to the university when the […]

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Google Analytics: The Good and the Bad

By Lauren Fattlar Edited by Katy Randolph Google Analytics is an instrument businesses and companies can use to help boost their sales and get more visitors.  It is a free tool that tracks and reports website traffic and could be used for any start up or a blog.  Analytics is a great source to find how many visitors a website […]

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2 Apps That Improve Client Relations

By Lauren Fattlar Edited by Katy Randolph Ever wondered, “What makes clients return to the same business?” Surprisingly, the answer is simple. The business has formed a lasting and impressionable relationship with their client. A 2014 study with Relator Magazine found that, 93% of customers said they returned to a business because of the relational satisfaction they experienced when working […]

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