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College life is full of stress and anxiety. It consists of deadlines, papers, and long nights of studying. On top of that, weeks 4 through 6 are believed to be the most stressful time in the college semester. In this post, I will give provide you with a few ways to de-stress and have the most impactful and wholesome semester that you can.

1. Talk to Someone  

The best way to help with stress and anxiety is talking to someone who knows you well and understands what you are going through. A parent, friend, or significant other that has a positive impact on your life helps you maintain your composure and boosts your self-esteem. Just by getting how you feel off of your chest can really make a difference and improve your mental state to work through those long nights and make them a little bit better.  

2. Set time aside for yourself.  

Working on projects and homework is a must, but a lot of college students say between work and school they never have time to do what they love anymore. Stop! Setting time aside to do activities that you like jump-starts your brain activity and makes you feel great. Even if it’s for a few minutes, taking a break can help you postulate and think on better than just chugging through. 

3. Exercise.

Exercise is one of the best things for your body, mind and soul. The physical benefits are endless and it can really help you reset and help you take on the day. Plus, it helps your brain release endorphins and clear your mind. It also helps you concentrate more.   

4. Take advantage of student health organizations.  

There are many students that struggle with various parts of the semester and it may feel like the school is setting you up for a one-way trip to a mental breakdown. In truth there are many organizations (both student and faculty operated) set up to improve your mental health and have on campus meetings to help boost your confidence. Set up an appointment or go to a workshop meeting to talk to someone about how you can feel less stressed.  

It is very important to talk about how you feel. Stress and anxiety is a part of everyday life, but if it ever gets to a point where you feel like you can’t take it anymore, please seek help. Society had made it a point to make you feel like talking to a specially licensed therapist makes you weak or feel like an outcast. It is the exact opposite. Understanding how you feel and realizing you need help makes you strong. Never bottle up your emotions. You have loved ones around you that can help you during these stressful and difficult times. Your mental health is important! Take care of yourself, and always look out for others as well. 

Casey Dannemiller

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