Andrew Nishimori

Andrew is a third-year student at the University of Cincinnati studying to get a degree in Communication with certificates in Public Relations and Journalism. He loves being a part of different clubs around the school such as PRSSA and doing projects and activities with the group. One of Andrew’s favorite hobbies is playing video games in the ESPORT club here at UC.

In high school, Andrew started to get super interested in photography and videography and started to go out and take pictures and shoot video regularly. He then submitted his work in different competitions and went on to have some art displayed at Xavier University, and received awards such as an honorable mention and a silver key from the Scholastics Art Competition. Andrew is a videographer for UCommunicate, being responsible to help create video and other promotional items as needed.

Aside from his accomplishments, Andrew has a strong passion when it comes to video games. Throughout his life he has had many great moments playing with his older brother and having laughs with friends. Another thing Andrew loves to do in his free time is play with dogs. He’s a big dog lover of any shape or size. If you have any dogs please contact Andrew and he will be sure to come give them some belly rubs.