Anna-Jessie Taylor

Anna-Jessie is a third-year English major with a minor in Fine Arts. A recent transfer student at the University of Cincinnati, Anna-Jessie completed her first semester on the Dean’s List and looks forward to graduating next spring and pursuing a Master’s degree in English. She has a passion for the way English intersects with every aspect of life and how all language defines experience. As Co-Director of Content Marketing and Specialty Publications she is excited to engage her creativity and love for writing to further the UCommunicate brand and work with local businesses. Anna-Jessie hopes to gain professional experience in marketing and English and developing her expertise in professional writing.

As a Cincinnati native, Anna-Jessie is eager to engage with the University of Cincinnati campus as well as the surrounding city. When not reading or writing, Anna-Jessie can be found trying new local restaurants, watching movies, or drawing at home.