Bhavya Mohan

Bhavya is a first-year graduate student at the University of Cincinnati, pursuing her MS degree in Marketing. She graduated from India completing her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in English Language and Literature in 2014.

She is currently focusing on the importance of technology and data analysis in Market Research as well as in Digital Assessment of Online traffic. She is also into Marketing Analytics which helps in understanding Consumer Insights as well as Buyer Behavior.

She is currently the Director of Digital Marketing and oversees the various social media platforms of UCOMM for maintaining our digital presence.

Bhavya has volunteered several times in UC for the Department of Marketing. She has also volunteered for many events organized by the Technology company, Capgemini in Cincinnati.

She is an avid follower of the group, ‘Women in Tech’ and she tries to inspire young women in starting their own careers in IT related fields.

Personally, she loves to travel and loves to explore new cultures and cuisines with her husband. Her goal is to travel the world and cover as many countries as possible.