Chau Pham

Coming from Hanoi, Vietnam, Chau Pham is a third-year-student who studies Business Analytics with a minor in Communication. This is her first year at the University of Cincinnati after transferring from the University of Wisconsin. This is also her first semester with UCommunicate.

Besides her passion in statistics, Chau is fascinated by digital design and how different forms like photography, graphic design, and cinematography can help any marketer communicate values effectively and spread their messages to influence people with the touch of art. In the past, she used to work with the media team of many student-run projects in Vietnam to produce digital contents like event flyers, tickets, as well as create short films, movie trailers, teasers, etc. She also had a chance to be the president of the Visual Performances and Art Club and lead the Light Graffiti Exhibition at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Marinette.

This passion drove Chau to join UCommunicate and become a Digital Designer and Photographer for the Digital Production team. Chau loves to make friends and broaden her network to gain knowledge from people and sharpen her skills. Because of that, Chau believes that her experience at UCommunicate will allow her to grow significantly by working alongside other ambitious students and communication experts to help our clients succeed in different campaigns. In the future, Chau aspires to run her own business and become a world traveler and freelance photographer.