Jill Gibboney

Jill is a fourth-year communication major also working on a public relations certificate, graduating spring 2019. In addition to being a #bestCommdeptstudent, Jill works at the University of Cincinnati as a Marketing and Promotions Coordinator in UCIT, is a contributing member of the university-wide branding committee, a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion member and conference presenter, and UCIT Staff Council member. She’s an advocate both professionally and personally for first-generation, non-traditional, and disabled student populations, mostly because she sees value in those who aren’t typically given chances and partly because she lives in the intersection of all three of these areas:

  • born in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to a coal mining family and is a proud first-gen who believes that late is always better than never, particularly with education;
  • non-traditional Gen-Xer who did everything a little backward, having a family and business before getting her degree;
  • is the only person in the Communications department to her knowledge sporting a sweet robot leg.

Jill’s skill set includes graphic design/visual communication, nice looking resumes, writing, social media, and an impressive ability to talk to literally anyone. She is very active in her community and in the city at large. She is a member of the Cincinnati Accessibility Board of Advisors, a board at Cincinnati CityHall that deals with accessibility issues within the City of Cincinnati, and is on a communication committee for her neighborhood, where she lives with her husband and teenage son. When she’s not working or hitting the books, you can usually find her record shopping or watching live music with her husband, gaming with her son, at a happy hour with her friends, or pinning her next sewing project. You’ll know you’ve met Jill if you meet a gal with a cane in one hand and a black iced coffee in the other, probably wearing a friendly smile (but definitely drinking a coffee).