Mariam Elgafy


Mariam is a graduate student at the University of Cincinnati, earning her Master’s degree in Communication. Mariam is a proud Bearcat alumna and is returning to UC for her Master’s degree. She received her BA in Communication, BS in Education, and minor in Political Science. Her Bearcat journey is full of high academic achievement, campus mentorship and leadership, and continuous strive to embark on new adventures. Mariam’s achievements, drive, and advocacy earned her the Presidential Leadership Medal of Excellence. Mariam continues her involvement with governance as the Graduate Student Association A&S Communication liaison.

Post-graduate school, Mariam plans to apply for a position where she will begin her journey in policy making, social change, and advocacy, or beginning Law school. Mariam’s role in the Communication department includes teaching Public Speaking classes, being a TA for Public Relations, and first and foremost, being a student and colleague. Mariam hopes to focus her thesis project on political communication within co-cultures and its effect on the meaning and creation of identities.

Outside of school, Mariam leads mentorship programs in the Greater Cincinnati area and is a dedicated tutor for students K-12. Mariam is Co-Directing USpeak, where she plans to work with clients on growing their businesses by providing training programs to assist employees with personal branding, public speaking, translational research, and many other areas of communication. She hopes to expand the USPEAK program to reach student organizations on campus, provide workshops for faculty, and build a strong curriculum that is tailored to diverse areas of studies.