Matt Barnthouse

Matt Barnthouse is excited to take the role as Business Manager for UCommunicate in Spring 2018. Barnthouse specializes in managing projects, providing outside connections to improve staff skill sets, and most of all, a can-do attitude that rubs off on everybody around him.

Barnthouse brings years of public relations experience with him for the role graduating with a degree in journalism, as well as a certificate in public relations from the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) in 2017. During his time at Ole Miss, Barnthouse as a student manager and assistant recruiting coordinator for Ole Miss Rebels Men’s Basketball from 2013-2017, where he helped coaches come up with recruiting pitches, visualize them and produce them in a way that helped separate the Rebels from all other schools in the country.

Barnthouse also had an internship with Ole Miss Media Relations, where he produced social media content for the Ole Miss Rebels Volleyball team during the 2016 season. Barnthouse also helped put more detail into the record books, as well as updated programs for every game.

When Barnthouse is not working with UCommunicate, you can find him knee deep in reading for his graduate school classes, playing basketball, or looking for a dog to pet.