Tech Spotlight: Connecting with Audiences via GIFs


We are constantly surrounded by and connected to many, different devices. These devices allow us to access thousands of apps dedicated to social media, news, fitness, games, and almost every other conceivable need or whim. These apps are often excellent ways to connect with others whether they are one street over or across the globe. Connection is constantly at the ends of our fingers, but how can a company utilize these apps and technology to improve their business and interact with consumers and others?

Fortunately, in the same way there are thousands of games to download on mobile app stores, there exists just as many apps to help your business communicate with its various audience such as the ImgPlay app. The ImgPlay app is designed to make the creation of Graphics Interchange Formats (GIFs) easier for social media users and is available for download across Apple devices.

GIFs have become one of the top visual communication tools used and shared across social media platforms. In basic terms, GIFs are simple, animated, moving pictures typically pulled from movies, television shows and other video forms.

Simple to use, the ImgPlay app is a great tool for showcasing the more lighthearted sides of a company.

A quick look at customer reviews reveals a tremendous number of satisfied users. Customers tout the app’s user friendly interface and express an overall enjoyment for what it can create.

Pictures are first uploaded to the app.  The user then chooses image order and desired length of time. Once saved, the GIF can be uploaded onto any social media platform or website.  It can also be sent via email or text.

So the next time you feel stumped on what to post on Twitter or Facebook, consider trying your hand at creating your own GIF and you just might find a new talent and a brand, new strategy for connecting with your audience.



Kate Ducey

Undergraduate Consultant








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