Tech Spotlight: Plan Like a Pro with Pro Party Planner

Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, event planning can be extremely stressful. But, it doesn’t have to be.

There are plenty of guides and tutorials out there to help you navigate the event planning process, many of which highlight the importance of staying organized. One way to ensure you remain organized is by using software and applications specifically designed for organization. While you can use an application such as Microsoft Excel to keep some of your information organized, it does not have the same capacity for success as a program specifically designed for event planning.

The Pro Party Planner app is one such program tailored toward streamlining the event planning process. The app allows you to plan multiple events at the same time amongst other features such as the ability to delegate tasks, create a timeline, track your progress and form a budget.


The budget feature tracks your budget in real time providing updates on how much you have spent and the amount remaining in your budget. By tracking the amount you have spent, the app breaks down exactly what you have purchased and the quantity allowing you to keep your spending in balance with the number of guests attending.

Project Management

The tasks feature makes it easy to plan an event as part of a team. Tasks can be delegated and completion tracked all within this section of the app. Want to know how Mary’s progressing in her hunt for a photographer? With a few simple clicks, you can call or email anyone on your team via the app to assess progress and have your questions answered.


Tracking RSVPs, seating charts and invitations are simple tasks to complete via the guest menu inside the app. The app also seamlessly integrates with EventBrite and provides an easy way to update guests about the event via SMS or email.

Additional Features

The app’s features do not end there as you are able to complete, plan and track several other general tasks including: menus, entertainment, decorations and shopping lists.

For those interested in event planning or looking to experience an app that will greatly improve the execution process, Pro Party Planner is worth every penny of the $4.99 download from the ITunes store.



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