The Going Home Project

On Saturday November 8, 2014, members of the UCommunicate team broke ground with our first consulting event! After several months of strategic planning, accessing and idea generation, UCommunicate, a student run consulting agency, had the exciting opportunity to put our skills to use with our first client, the University of Cincinnati’s International Admissions Office.

Graduate students and UCommunicate specialists Olivia McCartney and Hannah Back led a public speaking workshop as part of UC International’s new “Going Home Project.”  The Project is an experiential program that provides international students with the skills and capabilities to share their unique stories of travel, scholastic endeavors, and cultural immersion with students in their respective countries. By helping current UC international students chronicle the joys of living in Cincinnati and their distinct educational experiences, the program seeks to attract more students from abroad through the power of story-telling, meaningful exchange and dialogue.

Program participants spent the afternoon in various breakout sessions outlining and discussing exactly what they love about the university, and began the process of crafting these ideas into speeches. They then practiced performing their narratives in front of their peers and under the guiding leadership of communication practitioners, learning to be concise yet informative, and strategic while captivating. This training session aided participants in enhancing both their written and oral communication skills and served as a stepping stone for students who will be returning abroad sometime in the near future. The day concluded with a lesson on networking and professionalism across a variety of digital platforms.

In all, the day was a major success, and set the tone for UCommunicate both as an on campus and community resource. We are thrilled to have officially launched and are excited to lend our services to more clients, helping them enhance their vision and fulfill their missions.

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