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Over the past few years, social media has become such a relevant part of my life and for most young adults. I never imagined that social media would serve as such a valuable tool for connecting with professionals across many companies and fields. I have always used social media as a way to talk to my friends and share funny videos and pictures. As graduation approaches in the next few weeks, I have found myself visiting LinkedIn almost daily. When I first made a LinkedIn account, I only did so because one of my professors told us that every professional out there is creating a profile, so if you want a job you have to have it. I never thought I would be connecting with representatives from large companies and having the opportunity to apply for jobs.

As you may know, LinkedIn is a social media site for connecting with professionals and companies all around the world. It began in 2003, but it was not until 2012 that LinkedIn really took off. In the past three years, LinkedIn has grown in unimaginable ways and has become a staple for marketing. Professionals go to LinkedIn to connect with others and market themselves professionally, while companies look to LinkedIn to promote and build their employment base. Individuals consistently update their profile and recruiters constantly are expanding their networks. Individuals as well as companies can now pay to use LinkedIn’s new publishing aspects, allowing for increased marketing of their brand or skills.

After listening to a webinar about the growth of LinkedIn in 2015 through my current job, it inspired me to research how companies successfully use LinkedIn. I have also become curious in the ways LinkedIn is growing for individuals because I am currently searching for a post-graduation job.

As an individual, one of the most important aspects of LinkedIn is to build relationships and create a presence. Finding your niche through LinkedIn is essential because it attracts employers and individuals. Frequently posting relevant content to LinkedIn for others to see allows for you as an individual to become recognized. If you are on the job hunt, this can act as a conversation starter or another form of a resume. You can have hundreds, even thousands of followers, but if you do not post relevant, interesting content, nobody will reach out. Creating a presence for yourself or for your company is key to utilizing LinkedIn to its full potential.

One way to build your presence on LinkedIn is through Pulse. It is a new aspect of LinkedIn that allows you to upload blog posts, share ideas, and much more. You can follow other influencers and make comments on their posts, allowing for networking and relationship building. You can customize who you follow depending on your interests in order to get updated news and information about your field of choice.

LinkedIn’s SlideShare is another tool that is new to the site and allows you to upload slides to create a presentation that is posted for others to see. It is similar to Pulse in that you can follow certain topics that interest you in order to stay updated. Both Pulse and SlideShare are just two ways LinkedIn is providing a more interactive professional experience.

LinkedIn has become such a trending social media site that it is hard to keep up with all their new updates and advice on how to stay connected. I’ve added a link below to the LinkedIn Official Blog, where you can check out new ways to use LinkedIn and learn about anything from who uses LinkedIn to how LinkedIn can help you if you find yourself without a job. I find it so insightful to learn about all the new ways we can use social media to advance ourselves professionally. Hopefully you can utilize LinkedIn more successfully in the future!

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