The Importance of Writing Often

Depending on your experience, writing can feel like a daunting task. Whether it be for school or for personal enjoyment, writing can take time out of your day that otherwise could be spent elsewhere. But sometimes, writing can be an important brain exercise. 

Writing works on your vocabulary, as well as works your fluidity of creativity. Writing often can help reduce time used later because you’ve practiced, trained and exercised your brain into working on formulating processed thoughts. Almost like training through writer’s block, working on detailing your writing everyday can help your ability to speed up the writing process when your work actually has a deadline. 

Writing often can also help you remember various tasks or reminders throughout the day. Remember how in classes they tell you that note-taking by writing it down physically will help you remember it for later? This is where that is put into practice. Writing your daily to-do list will not only help you practice your writing skills but will also help you remember your daily tasks. 

Writing journal entries or other story-based written works can also help with creativity and your ability to grow how your sentences flow and progress. Writing these often can also help to clear your mind after a long day and get thoughts to paper that you would otherwise rely on memories to keep sorted. 

Understandably so, writing can be a chore that is painful, but necessary. In order to push past barriers and make writing enjoyable, it’s important to add writing to a list of daily tasks you do, or a list of something you do often, to get better and polish your skills.  

Jason Greenberg 

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