Tips For Dealing With Anxiety

Everyone has dealt with stress from time to time. Sometimes this stress grows more and more until it reaches a peak where it begins to affect your daily life. For college students, anxiety may seem like a normal occurrence. But this doesn’t have to be the case. There are ways that you can ease the stress even when you feel like anxiety is impossible to conquer. I have begun to develop a greater feeling of anxiety as I entered my second year in college. It got to the point that I felt like I couldn’t do activities that I would normally love. But I have found a few different ways for me to conquer the overwhelming feeling that anxiety brings. 

Find A Hobby  

Finding a hobby is a great way to do something you enjoy and take your mind off of your anxiety. I took up crocheting and it has been something that I can do when I am overwhelmed and need thirty minutes to focus on an activity that I enjoy and relaxes me. But this hobby can be anything. From finding a craft you enjoy, to working out, and so much more. Finding something you enjoy that can give your mind a break from your busy everyday life can help ease the anxiety you may be experiencing.  

Create A Regular Schedule 

Getting into a routine gives structure to your life. Anxiety can get worse when you feel unorganized and rushed throughout the day. Waking up early and starting the day off right sets the mood for the day. Waking up five minutes before class begins starts the day in a rush and can put you in an anxious mood for the rest of the day. It is important to plan out times when you will be doing work and times when you will relax. It is important to separate the two so when you are relaxing, you are not thinking about all the work that needs to get done. 

Find A Safe Space 

Even when anxiety begins to not be an everyday occurrence, there will always be days that become overwhelming and no matter what you do, anxiety can get in the way. When I have these days I find comfort in being in a place I feel safe. For me, it is a clean room where I can just take a minute to relax. I also find comfort in talking to someone you trust about the anxiety you are experiencing. Being able to vent to someone about the anxiety you are experiencing and getting an outside perspective goes a long way in easing your anxiety. 

Anxiety is different for everyone and coping with it is different for every person. In my own experience, these tips have worked wonders for me. And no matter how bad it feels, there are always ways you can fight these anxious thoughts and not let them control your life.  

Darby Clark 

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