Top 5 Reasons To Attend WordCamp 2017

If you already know about WordCamp 2017 but you’re still considering whether to go or not, these five reasons make it a must-attend event.

1. WordPress for everyone

If you want to sharpen your skills in web design or if you need a website but have no HTML knowledge, WordCamp is for you! WordCamp is a two-day conference covering everything basic to advanced about WordPress. With almost 30 sessions on topics such as SEO, content creation and brand building, you can choose to attend any workshop that fits your background and goals. You’ll return home from WordCamp with the tools and knowledge that will support your career in the long run.

2. Great guest speakers and topics

WordCamp features more than 40 speakers who are experts in their fields, including web developers, content managers and graphic designers. They are talented individuals who love to share their knowledge about WordPress with those who want to learn. Check out the schedule, choose topics that interest you, and get inspired!

3. Super cool casual conference

Many people tend to associate “conference” with boring speeches and lectures. That’s not WordCamp! WordCamp is a casual conference with cool people that make networking super fun. No professional suits. No long-lasting lectures that put you to sleep. No awkward moments when you try to network. WordCamp not only enhances your WordPress skills, but it also provides a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, which makes it easy to meet new people and geek out over web design and coding.

4. The registration fee fits your budget

Registration fees at most conferences start at almost $500. WordCamp is only $40! You get two days of workshops plus lunch both days, an after-party Saturday night, a free T-shirt and other swag. Cut back on your latte habit for a couple of weeks and get your ticket today!

5. Central location in a beautiful city

If you’re from Cincinnati, WordCamp’s venue is practically in your backyard: Tangeman University Center at the University of Cincinnati. If you’re not from Cincinnati, attending WordCamp gives you an opportunity to visit a beautiful city without breaking the bank. There are many hotels to stay at that are close to the conference –- some within walking distance of the venue – and fun things to do in downtown Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. The best conference experience is when it’s not all work and no play!

WordCamp 2017 flyer

Author: Duy Nguyen, Social Media Specialist

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