Twitter Tips: How to Improve Your Tweeting

Since so many of us are on Twitter every day, it can be useful to learn how we can make better use of the platform. Additionally, with many employers and companies staying active online, it is important to maintain a positive social media presence.

  • Strengthen your profile page

For the profile picture and header, make sure to start with quality photos that represent you and how you want to brand yourself. Include a short summary of who you are in the description, highlighting your unique passions. These will be the first impression someone has as soon as they click on your profile, so making this uniquely personalized is key.

  • Keep it simple

Shorter tweets generally gain more engagement, so get to the main message quickly to avoid being too wordy. With users scrolling quickly through their feeds throughout the day, keeping tweets under 140 characters increases chances that users will read the full tweet.

  • Interact regularly

Check your feed at least once daily to like, comment, and retweet the content that you resonate with. Don’t be afraid to direct message those that you are interested in networking with. Staying active also helps increase your follower count!

  • Vary your posts 

Have a good balance of both created and curated content. Refrain from always using links in tweets. Directing your followers to take action from a tweet is only effective in moderation, so use it wisely.

  • Utilize multimedia to increase engagement

Tweets that include gifs, photos, and videos are proven to get more clicks. This can either be an opportunity to share entertaining videos made by someone else or sharing your own photos and videos to enhance your message.

  • Be proactive in your engagement

Ask questions, do polls or join in on public chats. Twitter can be more than a broadcast — it can be a conversation.

  • Keep up with hashtags

Check the list of trending hashtags when tweeting about current issues or the latest holiday in order to join the global conversation.

  • Tweet at the right time of day

The optimal time for posting tweets is right around noon, however, check your own engagement to see which time works best for you. Tools like Tweriod ( can help you figure this out to help maximize your audience.

  • Schedule Tweets

Websites like Hootsuite and TweetDeck allow for tweets to be scheduled in advance, allowing you to step back and enjoy what’s happening around you.

Inna Risma

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