UCommunicate Alumni Panel

UCommunicate is thrilled to announce that we are holding a UCommunicate Alumni Panel on Tuesday, April 2 from 3:30 to 5 in McMicken 127. Our panel will consist of at least four alumni members. Each panel member was a student of UCommunicate for at least one semester at UC, and has currently graduated and is involved the professional world.

The panel will discuss topics such as:

* What they did as a member of UCommunicate

* Where they currently work

* What the best part of being in UCommunicate is

* What skills they were taught in UComm and how they were transferable in their career

* What the big take away of UCommunicate was for them

* Why should students join UCommunicate

* And much more

The panel discussion will last an hour then we will open the floor for questions from the audience. After the questions are concluded we will have light bites and time to chat individually with the alums. We are welcoming all of our UC family: students, faculty and other Alumni. UCommunicate highly encourages anyone who is interested in joining the class, gaining real-world experience while earning class credit, or learning more about what UCommunicate has to offer to come to the panel.

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