UCommunicate celebrates a successful first year

As we enter the second half of Fall Semester 2015, we can’t help but to reflect on the first year of UCommunicate’s official operation, which surpassed all of our wildest expectations! Over the course of the 2014-15 school year, 12 student and alumni consultants worked with eight clients, two of which were organizations outside of the University of Cincinnati system- the Mt. Auburn Community Council and Best-Stylist. Four client contracts were carried out to completion during that time, while the remaining four continued to employ UC communication MA students throughout the summer and into this school year.


For the Mt. Auburn project, consultants Daniel Traicoff and Patrick Martin kicked off a campaign to rebrand and revitalize the neighborhood’s image. They began by surveying and hosting discussions with community stakeholders in order to understand Mt. Auburn’s unique character, and worked with council members to develop a brand identity. Traicoff created a new Facebook page for the neighborhood, writing and scheduling posts to keep community members up-to-date about upcoming events and opportunities.


Second year communication MA students and UCommunicate consultants, Olivia McCartney and Sam Molony, helped David and Amy Thompson of Best-Stylist to run a fundraising campaign, earning the clients $550. The money raised will help the team further develop the Best-Stylist website and create an app with an advanced framework that allows beauty professionals and companies to easily update and maintain a profile, where they can upload videos and photos of their actual work.


The UC Office of Research hired Assistant to the Director of UCommunicate, Hannah Back, to work on a campaign promoting cross-disciplinary team research at the university. Over the summer, Hannah created a graphic identity for the campaign, working with Phil Taylor, Melinda ButschKovacic and Nikki Arde to establish a portfolio of communication materials aimed at spreading awareness of the benefits and opportunities of conducting cross-disciplinary team research.


We want to extend a giant THANK YOU to all of our first-year clients for believing in the capacity of a humble start-up to produce quality products. And of course, many thanks to all of the UCommunicate Consultants who worked so hard to demonstrate that communication graduates are Cincinnati SMART!


If you are interested in reading more about last year’s projects, check out our blog posts: the Office of International Admissions’ Going Home Project, the McMicken A&S donor thank you video project, the School of IT marketing project, and the McMicken A&S transfer student research project.