UCommunicate Snapchat Takeover

The University of Cincinnati allows student organizations to “takeover” the UC Snapchat for a day to show students what they do. Whether the groups are recruiting, promoting an event, fundraising or trying to raise awareness about their organization, they can utilize the UC Snapchat and its viewers to their advantage.

On Oct. 15, UCommunicate took over UC’s Snapchat to promote our recruiting season. For our first time dabbling in the world of Snapchat, a lot of things went well, but we also have plenty of room for growth.

The Prep: There was a lot of prep involved. We created a full day itinerary starting at 10 a.m. through 6 p.m. We had all our content written out, and posted twice every hour with “filler snaps” every two hours, which provided visual information about UCommunicate.

We curated a content calendar to keep track of each Snap. We created a PowerPoint so our team could add a slide for each post and label what time and where it was taking place. It also allowed us to insert the photos for the filler snaps and add notes about the specifics taking place. We also requested a Snapchat geo-filter. Luckily, we planned a few weeks in advance because our first three submissions were denied for not complying with Snapchat standards, but our final geo-filter appeared on campus during the time of our takeover.

While in Action: Our Snapchat Story followed us through a typical Sunday with our UCommunicate team. We started by featuring some of the group at brunch to show that UCommunicate isn’t all work and no play. We then featured a variety of Snaps in several locations around campus. For the first few Snaps, we filmed a handful of our team members talking about their duties within the organization. We also hosted two give always on campus by sending out our location and offering a UCommunicate T-shirt and a $25 gift card. We discussed the services that we offer by providing examples of clients, past and present, and the work we’ve done for them. Although we had every hour planned perfectly, we often found ourselves straying away from the plan and posting Snaps on the fly.

The Debrief: We felt we had great success with our first experience with Snapchat and were very satisfied with the results. The pros outweighed the cons. However, there are a few things we would change the next time we takeover UC’s Snapchat. One example: We would pick a different day. We Snapped on a Sunday, but because not many students were on campus, we didn’t get as much foot traffic as we would have if it were on a school day.

All in all, we reached our goal of gaining new recruits and promoted our brand. Snapchat can be a great tool to promote your business, and we experienced that firsthand with our Snapchat takeover.

Author: Rose Reid, Undergraduate Consultant 

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