UCommunicate Spring Picnic

UCommunicate is excited to announce that we are holding our first ever UCommunicate Spring Picnic on Thursday, March 28 from 3:30 to 5:30. The picnic will be held on McMicken Commons.

The two-hour long picnic has a lot on the itinerary beginning with our current UComm students that work with USpeak talking about what we do in UCommunicate to an overview of our semester with our clients. If interested in learning more about UCommunicate or finding out what we’ve been up to, don’t miss the first 10-15 minutes of the picnic.

Following the introduction there will be food, of course. Our students are doing a potluck bringing all sorts of food in, feel free to bring your favorite food to share. Or if you can only stop by for a little, no biggie, join us on the lawn for a quick bite- we’ll have plenty.

Throughout the picnic there will be organized games such as: a corn hole, relay races and much more for anyone who is interested to join in on the fun. The UCommunicate Spring Picnic, welcomes all of our UC family: students, faculty and alumni. Attend UCommunicate’s Spring Picnic and get a quick taste of all UCommunicate has to offer.

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