Use Hootsuite To Make Social Media Marketing Easier

Social media has a huge impact on a company’s ability to brand either themselves or other entities. Social media is a growing part of our world and there are many outlets that can help to improve branding. Behind every great social media outlet is an amazing social media team.

Currently, I run the Twitter account for UCommunicate. With social media posts going out upward of six times a day, I can’t always remember — or have time — to sit down and post what needs to be posted. Between balancing classes and everyday life, a noon social media post can sometimes become a difficult task! I can’t pull out my phone or computer six times a day to post what needs to go out on time. Thanks to Hootsuite, I can ensure that all posts are delivered on time, and allow me not to worry about posting the material myself.

What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite was created in 2008 by a computer programmer, Ryan Holmes. Hootsuite is a social media management platform that comes with a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to schedule social media posts at pre-selected times. Every good social media manager should know how to operate Hootsuite or a similar scheduling tool. Hootsuite is important to understand not only for social media managers and users, but also for people who want to get familiar with online website scheduling.

How do I use Hootsuite?

The easiest way to get familiar with any website is to check out YouTube for how-to videos. The beautiful thing about Hootsuite is that they have how-tos right on their website! If you go to the home page and move your mouse over “Education,” there is a section to click on that says “Help Center” where they can help you with any questions.

In simplest terms, Hootsuite is scheduling that you do online. To start, you simply link all the accounts that you want to use the scheduler with. If you have more than one account linked to Hootsuite (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), you must remember that when you want something posted to Facebook, you must select the Facebook icon when making your post. If you are taking something from a content calendar, you can copy and paste the content right into the scheduling tool. It will ask you what time, what day, etc. Yep, it’s that easy! It takes some time and practice to get used to, but for social media managers, I highly encourage you to utilize this tool. It will make your life easier and will make your social media platforms better.


Author: Emily Dierker, Undergraduate Consultant

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