Use Twitter to Market Millennials

Whether you’re looking to better your business or your personal brand, the answer is social media. You might wonder, why would I use social media if I don’t have anything specific I want to say? The answer is simple: posting something on social media is better than not posting material on social media.

It’s 2017 — and one guarantee is that practically everyone is now on social media in some capacity. From casual conversation to business matters, to even doing grocery shopping online, the internet and social media is being utilized in a variety of ways. So, let’s talk about how to get started.

The best social media platform to reach millennials is Twitter — which is their preferred social media network. You will want to start by developing your personal brand and making it clear why you can be of service to consumers; tell them why you are important! This can be done in several ways including highlighting services you provide, promoting yourself, displaying what you are knowledgeable about, explaining why people may want to use your services or products, or even encouraging your audience to join your staff or team.

How do you do it?

Consistent Posts: The biggest part of social media is taking the time to do it. Ensure that you get out of it what you put into it. If you spend 10 minutes a day creating posts and 30 minutes a day socially listening (we’ll talk about this shortly), it will increase your chances of being seen, heard – and followed!

Graphics: Every post should have a photo or image. If you don’t have a photo, you should create a graphic. Tweets that don’t have an image attached do not catch the average person’s eye. (Pro tip: tag people in photos to catch more attention without using up any of those 140 characters. When you add the photo, click “Who’s in this photo?” and tag some friends in the same business as you!)

Hashtags – Branded & Unbranded: The best part of Twitter is getting your name out in different categories through hashtags. At UCommunicate, we do a lot of marketing and branding. If we’re posting marketing tips, we’ll include #marketing so that anyone looking for marketing tips via Twitter will come into contact with our posts.

Interaction: Always respond in a timely manner when you have interaction from followers. If you’re not getting any traction in this area, create interaction. Many times, interaction starts with you. Find a conversation and join it!

Looking for more tips? One of UCommunicate’s main services is social media consultation. Reach out to us!

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Carson Hoover
Carson Hoover
Carson Hoover is a fourth-year communication major with a focus in public relations. Previously, she was UCommunicate’s social media manager and worked to market UC’s Instructional Design & Technology as a master’s program using social media, graphics and email marketing. This is Carson’s second semester working with UCommunicate, and she looks forward to developing her marketing abilities as the street team manager and assisting in the further development of the UCommunicate brand.

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