What I Learned In 4 Years of College

UC has been the best four years of my life, and I truly have my first college professor to thank. If I could provide students with one piece of worthy advice it comes from my Introduction to Psychology professor, Dr. King.   

He told my class that no matter what the subject of the class is, you should go up to your professor and introduce yourself, and make sure they know your face.  I took this advice in all of my classes, whether I enjoyed them or not. I went up professors and told them my name and commented on their class. 

Wow, what a world of difference this can make. 

One of the first professors I tried this with was Autumn Miller in Intro to Public Relations, which was a lecture hall. I introduced myself and told her how excited I was to be in her class. When I wanted to join UCommunicate as a sophomore she already knew who I was and she knew morea bout me than if I was just a random applicant. When I was accepted into the class, she knew exactly where to place me; working on social media and branding. Everyday I’m grateful that UCommunicate gave me so much experience and an amazing mentor in Autumn.  

I tried Dr. King’s theory yet again with another professor- Amber Gee in her PR Writing course. As well as ensure that I asked questions and maintained a friendly student/professor relationship. Due to my networking and determination to stand out, Amber invited me to join her first ever social media group for the Communication department which only had a team of five students. I helped run the Communication Department’s social media for two years now. 

Then because of my connection with Amber, when the 1819 Innovation Hub was opening and looking for a communication student to serve as an intern, Amber recommended me for the job.  

At 1819, I have two amazing mentors, Michelle and Rebecca. They both have taught me confidence, how to network and most importantly, self-worth. Through my internship and mentorship from them both, they provided me the tools to be a successful business woman, how to ask the hard questions, and be confident in my abilities.  

The point I am trying to make is, I might not have all of this adulting sorted out but, I do know because I decided to go up at the end of class and introduce myself- all these amazing women have impacted my journey as a young professional adult. Networking is vital to maintaining your professional life and succeeding as an adult.

Kate Byrd

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