What If I Don’t Know What My Passion Is?

What’s your passion in life? What’s your career path? What drives you? These questions haunt me, and the stress surrounding these questions grew when it was time to go to college. Growing up people are always told to find their passion; elders will follow with, “If you’re doing a job your passionate about, you’ll never work a day in your life.” My concern centered around how I would find this uncontrollable ambition and enthusiasm for one centered path.   

This idea resurfaced when I watched one of Oprah’s Super Soul Sessions by the author of Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert. She wanted to speak out against passion. This idea seemed so foreign to what I had heard in the past. It was even foreign to her, but a fan had reached out to her to start this conversation about passion.  

For Elizabeth Gilbert, passion drove her to her success. She identified her passion from reading books as a child. Once she realized that people wrote the books that she loved so dearly, it simple for her to identify what she wanted her to focus her life around. Through her success she was asked to talk about her passion. After one of her speeches, a fan wrote to Gilbert that she doesn’t have a passion. Gilbert analyzed this note and realized the wisdom behind it.  

For me, my passion originates from the relationships in my life. When I see a person I love, my body is filled excitement. I find this uncontrollable enthusiasm, when I work out a problem with a friend, when I regularly go to a professor for advice and when I go to my parents’ house each Sunday. My wholeheartedness passion is in every little aspect of my life. 

For some people their passion derives from life itself. The reason some people wake up in the morning is for their passion, whether that is being a writer, doctor or engineer. There are also people that wake up for the new adventure of the day. The people who are wired in this way, go in different directions in throughout life. They find mini destinations in the journey. So yes, many people have passions. The passions that drive their inspiration and purpose of life; but this isn’t all people. So to the “passionless” follow your curiosity, and that might just drive you to your passion.  

Jaclynn Ruberg

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