How Do I Write For The News Record?

How do I write for The News Record?

Whenever I’m passing out TNR’s latest tabloids on Wednesdays for UCommunicate, I’m always thrilled when someone says: “This looks so cool! Can students write for this?” or “How do I get involved with the paper? I read it every week, and it looks really fun!” To answer this question… here’s all you need to know.

Let’s start with the basics.


What is The News Record?

The News Record is UC’s award-winning student-run news organization. At TNR, we produce both digital and print content. Our website gets updated with articles daily, and we have a tabloid that comes out once a week.


Who Can Write?

If you’ve seen the short, bubbly girl with the blonde bob in the oversized red polo dancing up and down Main Street with newspapers, you’ve probably heard me shout: “WRITTEN BY STUDENTS FOR STUDENTS!” That’s just it! As long as you are a UC student, you can write for TNR. It does not matter whether you are a Journalism major or a nursing major. Anyone with a story to write, photograph, or video is welcome.


How do I start?

If you find yourself in or near Swift Hall, you are always more than welcome to visit the newsroom! We have a sign-up sheet on the door that you can put your name and email on so that we can contact you. You might be saying: “Anne, I maybe have 5 minutes to myself a day. I don’t think I can get to Swift.” That’s okay! You can email our excellent editor Jacob Fisher at If you already know that you want to write for a specific column — Life and Arts, Sports, News, or Opinion — make sure you say that in your email, that way we can get you in touch with the proper desk editor.


If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. You can reach me at


Looking forward to reading your byline and your incredible stories!


Author: Anne Simendinger

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