What To Do With Your Communication Degree?

“What are you going to do after college?” a question that has to be the most asked question to college students ever. Most people are at a loss of words when they are asked this question. Some people will pull a random answer out of thin air just to get past the uncomfortable question.


My Recommendation

Luckily, as a communication major, the options are endless. My biggest recommendation as a communication major myself would be, to direct your major towards something. For me, I chose to minor in Marketing and study Public Relations for a certificate. This can show future employers that you studied other subjects during your undergraduate program.


How to Find Your Interests

If you are uncertain what communication can provide, take classes that are within the communication department but are also geared towards other subjects. You could even pair it with minor or certificates in other colleges. Since my minor is in marketing, I am also considered a student of Linder College of Business. When thinking about a double major, minor or certificate, think back to your High School involvement. Maybe you worked for your school yearbook, or any clubs. Use your previous experience to help decide what you would like to do! Another thing to do, think about where you see yourself in 5 years from now. What job do you want to be working? Do you want to stay in Cincinnati or move elsewhere? Maybe you have no clue at this moment, but it’s great to think about now!


Put Yourself Out There

Never limit yourself! Once you have an idea of your future, find organizations that fit your needs! There are many organizations on campus to get involved in before you graduate! Take a look at https://www.uc.edu/sald/student-organization/registered-student-organization-list-.html . This is a great list of organizations on campus to refer to, when deciding to get involved! Another great thing is that they aren’t limited to just communication majors! There is a club and organization for anyone and for any interest you may have!


UC has amazing resources for you, take advantage! If you have no idea what you want to do, talk to your advisor, they are here for a reason! Be confident and be yourself! 


Author: Catherine McNeil

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