Why Is team bonding in the workplace important?

Weve all been the new person on the job that stands around most of the time, unsure of our new coworkers, managers and even our position. While doing your job is obviously important, becoming part of the team in the workplace is also vital. Chances are you were brought onto that team to apply your unique set of skills and experiences. A key to performing well is the need to have a safe environment so you can be yourself. A safe environment is when you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and ideas because you feel included. This is where it becomes essential to learn about team bonding.  

Essentially, team bonding is the implementation of activities  meant to break the ice between you and the other members of the group. Team bonding also gives you a chance to learn some personal information about the others within the group. Many of these activities are used to assess strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes and similarities of the individuals. Just knowing what people like, don’t like and what you share in common with them opens a world of possibilities for the group. This is how we build chemistry between members of the team.  

Chemistry is vital because it is a measure of awareness between you and your coworkers. While conversations are  important when building on a personal level, just being aware of who does what and who does what very well, can help you understand  the dynamics of the team. Supervisors are people just like you and I, try to find common ground with your supervisor to open up a healthy channel of communication. The best chemistry comes naturally, don’t try to force anything. You will attract the right people for you and those relationships will build with time 

Team bonding is often disregarded because there is a certain discomfort that stems from being open with new people. When there is a lack of trust within a group often times there are miscommunications that lead to mistakes. Team bonding should bring comfort to the team so that the channels of communication are honest and unfiltered. Once you have honest communication it makes it easier for people to be good at what they do because they are eager to learn more and master their position. At the end of the day we all want to be accepted and included. Team bonding helps you find where you fit in and helps the group easily communicate with each other.

Malik Aguiniga

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