Why You Should Do Extracurriculars in College

Heading into college as a freshman, I knew that I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself. I didn’t want to be overinvolved, but being a first-year, the only thing I had going on was classes and floor meetings with our RA. I ended up joining a sorority on campus, becoming co-president of my floor and playing on an intramural volleyball team. These things became the happiest parts of my day and gave me a balance between personal and professional life. They became so much more to me than a way to fill my time. Studies show that students who are involved with activities outside of school are more productive and get better grades, because they have learned how to manage their time between school work and other responsibilities.  

The benefits to getting involved in extracurriculars are endless. They can be a great way to meet new people and develop further connections and relationships. When I had orientation for communication students, I met a girl who also wanted to play volleyball, and asked me if we wanted to make a team. I knew a friend of a friend who played as well, so I reached out to him while she texted other people. We ended up making a team that day, and started practices and games the week after! This was a nice way to get exercise and meet new people, and have a different group of friends other than roommates or floor friends. 

 Extracurriculars can also be away to find your passions outside of academic work. I knew that I wanted to go through recruitment to join a sorority to get involved and meet new people, especially coming from out of state. You get out of a sorority what you put in, so the time commitment is whatever you want it to be. Once I joined my sorority, I became passionate about our philanthropy, and wanted a leadership position. Having this extracurricular has taught me how to properly balance my time between work and play, and become accountable for myself and others. Whatever your passions or interests are, I highly recommend to find something you like to do outside of school hours. They completely elevated my high school experience, and made me feel like I was going something valuable with my time.  

Micaela Goldstein 

Featured photo by Mary Callaway LeBus

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