Why You Should Join UCommunicate

Are you interested in joining UCommunicate? Well, you’re in luck, everything you need to know will be included in this blog! Be sure to read more about our organization and why you should join our team!

Established in 2014, UCommunicate is a student-based communication service firm housed in the University of Cincinnati’s Department of Communication. Comprised of Undergrad and Graduate Students, we specialize in helping small businesses, start-ups, and nonprofits by providing various services, aiming to build, engage, and inspire.

How does UCommunicate recruit? One way that we recruit new members is by giving classroom presentations. Existing members of UCommunicate give these presentations, attempting to reach large audiences of students. Other ways that UCommunicate recruits includes flyers and social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Lastly, UCommunicate implements a Snapchat Takeover on the University of Cincinnati’s account, where we showcase the class, announce giveaways, and talk about recruitment.

Why does UCommunicate recruit? We recruit to fill positions in the class or the street team. The positions that UCommunicate seeks to fill includes: Director of Finance and Accounting, Street Team Director & Assistant, Creative Director, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Videographers, Social Media Managers, Blog Writers, Writers and Editors, Human Resource Specialists, Digital Marketing and Sales Specialists, Event Planners and Promoters, and Street Team professionals.

At UCommunicate, our mission is to provide students at the University of Cincinnati with meaningful, experiential learning opportunities in Communication and its related fields. Our organization works with real clients and organizations at UC and Greater Cincinnati area.  Our vision is to become a destination organization for those in the Greater Cincinnati area who want quality communication services at affordable prices, these services include: Research, Marketing & Branding, Public Relations, Social Media, Event Planning, Promotion, USpeak Professional Communication Training, and Videography. UCommunicate also aims to be a “must experience” opportunity for students at the University of Cincinnati who want to prepare for their future careers.

What is class like at UCommunicate? During class, we devote time to maintain digital assets on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, while devoting the rest of class to do client work. We often have guest speakers to speak to the class, and group meetings to conquer a variety of tasks. If you are interested in getting involved with UCommunicate, send your resume, writing sample, and cover letter to ucomm@uc.edu by November 11th!

Author: Nick Wurzelbacher

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