Why Your Work and Involvement Matters More Than Your Degree

Have you ever been judged for your choice of major? When it comes to pursuing a college education, everyone has their own predisposed ideas of what a person with a certain major will do after graduation. Choosing your major is only half the journey as a college student, what you choose to get involved in plays an equally important part. Here’s why your major doesn’t matter as much as you think it does.


Ultimately you have the power to make your college experience a great kick start into your career. Whether your major is journalism, communication, psychology, or sociology, any liberal arts degree has a bit of a negative stigma associated with it. Luckily, you have the power to make your college experience more than just a glorified piece of paper in the end. There are countless of student organizations, honors societies, and just plain interesting classes that you have the ability to take in order to build on your college experience. You don’t have to have a fancy major, a sparkling 4.0 GPA, or really any prerequisites to invest your time in things that matter.


When you sign up to participate in an on campus activity, you aren’t just finding things to put on your resume, you’re also building yourself into a potential employee, and a desired one at that. Regardless of your plans after graduation, you also want to create a memorable experience for yourself while in college.


The important thing to remember when finding a project to get involved in, is that you follow through. Even if you feel as though the project might not be the best fit for you, proper completion of the project will not only make you feel accomplished, but allows for you to take in the project, student organization, or job as an experience that will ultimately build you into a desirable employee after graduation.


Going to college isn’t just about receiving an education, it’s about building yourself into a responsible, accountable, and unique person that can do great things. The best way to do this is to get involved outside of things that are just your required classes. Your degree won’t get you a job, but your experience and involvement will.


Author: Riley Ferrara

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