Women Work Wonders

To women pursuing a degree, a career, and confidence:


She shoots, she scores. Women are so incredibly powerful, especially in 2018. The impact that women have had on society in the history of our nation is something to admire, especially as women continue to pursue degrees and careers. As this past Tuesday was Election Day, we know that women throughout America are accomplishing historic triumphs. Women are making strides as a unit.


When discussing women in the workforce, often times, minds wander. Thoughts drift around the wage gap, discrimination, sexual harassment, and other issues that sometimes cloud the shimmer of a woman’s strength. These negative aspects that often have an impact on people, especially women, have the potential to intimidate…no one should feel intimidated from the workforce, from pursuing a degree, or achieving a goal. This hesitancy towards aggression and confidence in the workforce is a constant battle that women should NOT have to face.


Women in the workforce are powerful. Women are doctors, strippers, researchers, servers, lawyers, and more. Women can be everything and anything they want to be. For women, the options are unlimited. There is nothing wrong with breaking the barriers that society sets for women.


For women, barriers are constant. Barriers are set to hold us back or to detain us from our freedoms and our goals. Whether it be from acting “ladylike”, dressing for public acceptance, sporting a perfect body, or running “like a girl” – we have standards that are almost unnatural to uphold. When barriers like fear, judgement, oppression, and anxiety stand in the way, women seize and conquer with confidence.


The confidence of a woman is exceptional. The most important aspect of a woman’s confidence is owning her brand and making decisions for herself. Radiating confidence, positivity, and drive in her personal life should carry over to her career and her education. As women, we have to encourage bravery, thinking outside of the box, and accomplishing the impossible among each other.


Women in the workplace and in higher education have made historic accomplishments which are not to be overlooked. However, we have so much more work to do. In order to be seen as equals and achieve gender equality – especially in the workplace – we must shed our positivity on others. Our influence is so great, look how far we have come.


We are not finished.


Author: Taylor Frommeyer

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